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hello, indiana. goodbye, south dakota.

I'm officially a Hoosier (sp?). But I'm a Hoosier without a job and without any friends yet. Sad.
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water water everywhere

an exciting weekend:


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What do you do when nobody else is around?

dance, or talk to myself... it's pretty much a good time all around...

in another life, what would your day job be?

playing in a studio orchestra making soundtracks for film scores

i can see the light

10 days until I am free from this silly thing called school.
Then Indiana... then I don't know.
Were these last 5 years of stress worth it? Maybe.
Am I going to miss SD? Maybe not.
Am I going to miss SD friends? Definitely.
Am I going to miss family? No doubt.
I'm a little scared..

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where have all the cowboys gone?

Aberdeen, South Dakota. ew.

recommend us an album.

"Tripper" by Efterklang

What do you wish more people knew about you?

I'm stupidly shy when I first meet people, but I swear to god I'm not like that all the time.

oh yes

me = super noob
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ur a noobbie, But i love you and your face, little minx. Now thats embarassing! MINX!

love you

ken_tone, 3808 days ago   

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i got another plane ticket...the last one by myself!!! I LOVE YOU!

ken_tone, 3811 days ago   

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Gorgeous girl! We've got to get you an avatar!!!

ken_tone, 3815 days ago   

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